Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Member of Cushion Peak?


Probably the most common question asked is " How do I become a member of Cushion Peak Rod and Gun Club if I don't know a member to sponsor me"? All breakfasts and dinner are open to Non Members as well as weekend shoots and the Archery Events. You could attend one of these to start. Members are allowed to bring non members into the clubhouse providing they sign them in. Non Members are welcome for lunch every day except Monday (the clubhouse is closed)   

The applicant and the member proposing the applicant shall make an application for membership on the FIRST SATURDAY IN FEBRUARY in any calendar year between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Each applicant must be accompanied by the proposing member while making application.  Applicants may not enter club property without the proposing member.  A member in good standing may propose no more than one applicant each calendar year that the membership charter is open for new membership.  An applicant may only be proposed one time during each period that the Club is opened for new membership.  Any applicant whose name is not drawn may re-apply the following period that the membership is open for new members and receive one extra chance to have their name drawn for each consecutive time period that such person applies and does not have his or her name drawn.  

Any individual who applies for membership three consecutive years the membership is open, and is not successful in the drawing, will, upon the fourth consecutive try be granted Associate membership.  In the event the number of applicants qualifying for associate membership in this manner exceeds the available openings for membership, a random drawing will be held among only those who qualified in such fashion. Any remaining openings shall be filled by placing the application for membership into a drawing that will take place at the FEBRUARY MEETING.  Those selected shall be ASSOCIATE MEMBERS for one year. 

How do I rent the Pavilion for an event?

Our pavilion can be rented by members and their families only from April thru October.  View our online calendar for date availability.  Contact the Clubhouse for more information and to reserve our facility.