Cushion Peak Club Rules

Archery Range Rules


  1. No shooting while someone is down range.
  2. Do not walk down range if someone is shooting.
  3. Shoot only from designated areas.
  4. Use only field points on range targets.
  5. Shooting hours are from dawn to dusk.
  6. Range will be closed during special club events.
  7. No shooting across someone else’s arrows.
  8. Members must hang membership card to shoot on clip provided on elevated platform at the range. 
  9. Compound, re-curve, longbow and cross-bows may be used.
  10. Designated broadhead targets will be provided prior to archery season.

Clubhouse Rules


1. All guests must be signed in by a member

2. A member may sign in no more than two (2) guests at a time

3. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests

4. Must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol

5. Must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol

6. No one under the age of 21 is allowed behind the bar

7. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be seated at the bar

8. Must be at least 18 years of age to gamble

9. Parents and/or guardians shall keep their children under control at all times

10. Intoxication, fighting, destruction of club property or other patron’s property, acts of disrespect against the club or club employees, excessive profanity, etc. will not be permitted

11. “Flagging” Patrons is at the bartender’s discretion

12. Anyone caught cheating at gambling will be expelled from the club

13. No gambling on credit

14. No animals allowed in the club house, except for certified service dogs.

15. Club house hours of operation are as follows:

Mondays- Closed (See Calendar for exceptions)

Tuesdays-Thursdays- Open from 9 am until at least 10pm

Fridays & Saturdays- Open from 9 am until at least Midnight

Sundays- Open from 9 am until at least 10pm

*inclement weather, power outages, illness, holidays, etc. may cause the hours to change

*during any day of operation last call is 2:00 AM all patrons must exit clubhouse by 3:00 AM.

Pavilion Rules


1. A contract must be signed by a member when being rented.

2. Rental price is set by the Board and a security deposit is required.

3. The member renting the pavilion must be present at the event.

4. Contact the Steward(s) for rental information (availability, etc.) and contracts.

5. Rifle range will be closed for during all rentals, unless exception is made by renting member.

6. Guests of the renting member shall remain at the pavilion, parking and its immediate area, this rental does not extend to other club areas or uses of the grounds without prior permission from the board or stewards.

7. Renting member is responsible for the liability of their guests and for any damages to the club by any guests during the rental.

Hunting/Trapping Rules (Revised August 2018)


  1. 1. Hunting/Trapping is allowed on club properties by members and members minor children and grandchildren (members children/grandchildren age 18 years or less not yet eligible to apply for adult membership). 
  2. All hunters must display current hunting ribbons, any applicable badges and must carry current club membership card. Ribbons and badges are available at the club house at no charge to members. 
  3. NO reserving stands. All hunters must sign the map board located near the entrance to the pole barn parking area. Signing up for stand locations is on a first come basis, sign up is not to begin before 1hr. prior to legal shooting hours which is prescribed in the PGC regulations, stand reservation expires at close of legal shooting hours each day. Hunters using private stands or blinds shall sign out on the board giving an approximate location. Hunters still hunting or small game hunting need not sign on the stand map. 
  4. Private stands and blinds are permitted and must have a tag with name and phone number on them that is visible. All private stands/blinds shall not be placed on the property until 2 weeks prior to the start of hunting season and shall be removed 2 weeks after the end of the season. Stands/blinds found in violation of these policies will be removed and charges may be recommended to the charges committee. 
  5. Parking must be in designated lots. Upper lot by sign in board, lot at Pond and the lot at the club house. NO parking in fields or along roadways. 
  6. Pheasant hunters need current pheasant badge/ribbon and a PGC pheasant stamp. 
  7. NO deer drives are permitted in any season, still hunting is allowed. 
  8. NO doe hunting, except for Senior, Junior members and those holding a badge from the annual doe raffle, hunters must possess a WMU 5B antlerless license or equivalent CWD permit. Doe raffle sign up sheet is posted on the club house door at the August wildlife committee meeting and the drawing for badges takes place at September wildlife committee meeting. Members only may sign up, the highlighted paragraph below is no longer pertinent and replaced with the following, senior and junior hunters may now apply since this antlerless tag is now considered to be a bonus tag. senior hunters and junior hunters as prescribed by PGC regulations are not permitted to sign up for the doe raffle since they are not required to have a badge. 
  9. The highlighted paragraph below is no longer pertinent and replaced with the following, the holder of a bonus tag can now harvest two deer in a calendar year. One deer per year, NO exceptions allowed. This includes the use of a transferred mentored youth tags as permitted by PGC regulations.
  10. No hunting/trapping or trespassing in the propagation area, which is a signed area to the rear of the rifle range. 11. All PGC hunting laws and regulations must be followed. 12. All harvests must be signed out in the book that is located in the mail box at the stand sign in board in the upper parking lot.

Junior Club Rules


  1. Eligible children shall be 11 to 18 years of age.
  2. Children are not required to be children or grandchildren of members. 
  3. The junior club board consists of a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary mirroring the adult membership board, a new junior member is not eligible for a board position until active for 1 full calendar year prior to election. In order to be voted in as a junior board member and to hold a board position a junior member must attend a minimum of 9 meetings per year.
  4. Each board member is required to orchestrate and coordinate activities for one meeting or function per year.
  5. Adults participating as volunteers in Junior Club as chaperones or leaders will be required to have a background check on file with Cushion Peak. 
  6. Funding of any events or activities of the junior club is to be presented and approved by board, funding will be provided from the general account, the junior club will not have a separate account.
  7. All funds raised by the Junior club will be turned into the adult membership treasurer and deposited in the general account. 
  8. The junior club treasurer will track expenses and deposits in a register to demonstrate responsibility for event/activity costs.
  9. All children wanting to join the junior club will need to first meet with the junior club leader to complete emergency contact forms and share contact information.
  10. Children participating in junior club activities are not to be photographed in any way that would expose them to electronic distribution on social media or our club web site.
  11. Children sharing mobile phone information or texting one another or the club leaders can be done only with expressed permission of the children’s parents.
  12. Children participating in junior functions are expected to exhibit appropriate and respectful behavior, any children behaving in any offensive, destructive or disrespectful manner will have  their parents contacted and be discharged from the activity. Repeat offenses will be addressed with expulsion from the junior club.
  13. A Junior Member who has been a Junior Member for a minimum of four (4) consecutive Club years immediately before his 18th birthday and having fulfilled the junior member’s obligations in each of those years, shall become an active member upon reaching age 18, and upon paying the dues of the Senior Club. Being considered a member requires that they be “Active” this is defined by recording 10 hours of club service and by attendance at meetings, per consecutive year, One hour of service is awarded for each meeting attended. Service hours are tracked on a log kept at the club, all hours are approved by a board member.

Roads and Fields Rules


Roads and Fields committee: We are not trying to deter general members from utilizing the equipment purchased by the club by any means. We are however setting a general guide line for the operation and use of the equipment. Any member interested in operating equipment, such as the tractor may be subject to a short overview of experience of the equipment. This overview can be completed by any member of the equipment committee, members of the “Wednesday Crew”, or any officer of the club. This is for the safety of our members.

Equipment Rules:

  1. ONLY members of Cushion Peak Rod and Gun Club are allowed to operate or handle equipment owned by the club.
  2. Member age 18 and older may operate the Gator after completing the general overview of experience.
  3. Members age 21 and older may operate the John Deere Tractor and its attachments after completing the general overview of experience. This also applies to the garden tractors utilized by the Wednesday crew. (exceptions regarding age may be made at the discretion of the committee).
  4. Member age 18 and older may operate gas powered hand tools, such as chainsaws and trimmers, and after completing the general overview of experience.
  5. All equipment is to be returned in the condition it was taken out of the garage in. (if it is muddy, please take the time to clean it the best you can). If you are unable to clean it that day, please notify someone so that it may be taken care of. If you notice that the equipment is not clean, please try to leave it better than you got it. Remember, this is our club and our club’s equipment, we would like to make it last as long as we can.
  6. Please try to re-fuel the equipment when applicable.
  7. If you notice something wrong with the equipment, for example a leak or damage. Please notify a member of the committee or board member.
  8. Seat belts must be used when operating any equipment that has them.
  9. Please lock all garage doors when leaving either of the pole barns. This must be followed with no exception. 
  10. A sign out sheet will be present for the tractor. If you use it please sign it out. This will help us track down any issues.
  11. NO ALCOHOL consumption is permitted when operating equipment. This is to protect you and the club. While we understand that this is not exactly heavy equipment, we would like to keep our other members safe that may be around the equipment. If you have one beer, please have someone who hasn’t put the equipment away.
  12. When using the tractor, be sure to raise up the roll bar protection during use, however please note when returning to the pole barn the tractor will not fit through the garage door with the roll bar in engaged position, so remember to lock the door after you leave with the tractor then you will be more likely to remember to lower the roll bar before entering the pole bar upon your return.

Pond Rules



Cushion Peak Pond Rules 2019 Revised 2019

1. Everyone fishing MUST be a member or spouse, child or grandchild of a member.

- Children and grandchildren of a member of age not eligible for membership; Must fish the Adult rodeo if age 16 and older.

- All trout caught will count against the members badge; except the day of the rodeo.

- New members MUST have 12 hours of service completed before receiving fishing privileges.

2.Adult members MUST have a valid PA Fishing License with Trout Stamp and a Cushion Peak Fishing Badge; and displayed at all times when fishing. Cost is $25 for first badge; additional badges are $20; each badge allows you 10 trout.

3. Anyone 16 years old and older MUST have a valid PA Fishing License with Trout Stamp.

4. Daily 3 fish limit any species per PA regulation.

5. No live minnows allowed.

6. If any Koi are caught, please return them as gently as possible.

7. No swimming, Ice skating, Ice fishing, Bow fishing, or snagging.

8. No importing fish from other waters.

9. Special Need Individual regardless of age may fish under a Member with License and Badge. Trout caught will be recorded under Members Badge.

Special Catch & Release Trout Season

In effect from January 1st to April 21 2019 and October 1st to December 31st 2019.

Artificial Lures with barb less hooks only.

If you fish with barbed hooks or bait you MUST keep all trout.

1. Please do not release any trout that are deeply hooked and bleeding, or hurt in any way as these fish will probably not survive.

2. The ideal way to release a trout is not to touch or handle it as little as possible. If you handle the fish it will lose it’s protective coating of slime. Instead play the trout while carefully bringing it to the shore. Then with the trout still in the water remove the hook with a forceps or long-nose pliers.

Important Dates

Pond Closes Sunday March 17th at 6PM

Opening Day of Trout Pond Opens Saturday March 30st 8AM

Pond Closes Sunday April 21rd 6PM

Return Registration Kids Rodeo By Sunday April 28th

Kids Rodeo Saturday May 4th 9AM to 1:30PM

Adult Rodeo May 4th 3PM to 6PM

Pond closes after Adult Rodeo and reopens Sunday at sunrise.

Please see Bartender for tickets

Annual Rodeo Fund Raiser Tickets ( only 850 sold ) $10.00 each

Fishing Rod Tickets ( only 450 sold ) $2.50 each

A drawing will be held for both tickets1:30 PM on the day of the rodeo. This makes the rodeo possible, This is your Club keep it clean. If you see someone doing something wrong, please get all the information possible and report it to the Clubhouse

Thank You – Pond Committee

Rifle Range Rules


1. The range is closed every Wednesday till at least noon. 

2. No alcohol on range.

3. Must post your membership card.

4. Must wear eye and ear protection.

5. No firing of weapons is permitted beyond the firing line in front of the benches. 

6. No shotguns with shot shells are to be fired on the range, only slugs or sabots. 

7. Only rim fire guns to be used to shoot at the spinner targets.

8. No glass bottles or cans to be used as targets.

9. Please remove your targets and staples from backstops.

10. Do not staple your targets to the cross-members, it cost the club money every time we have to replace the wood.

11. Pick up your brass when you are done shooting.

12. There is an area identified as a patterning range for shotguns in the upper parking lot (for shot shells only).

13. There is an area identified for use for clay bird shooting in the upper parking lot (for shot shells only).

14. No explosive type targets shall be used on Cushion Peak Property

Wood Cutting Rules


  1. No cutting of any trees without consulting someone on the wood crew.
  2. No unauthorized removal of trees or wood without consent of the wood crew.
  3. No one under age of 18 shall use a chainsaw on Cushion Peak Property.
  4. Anyone using a chainsaw for cutting on Cushion Peak property shall be proficient in the use and care of chainsaws.
  5. No one under age of 18 shall work on or with the log splitter.